A Poem (50)

He was not supposed to cry or that is what they told him. He was not supposed to show feeling or that is what they told him. He was not supposed to love that other boy. Growing up people around him told him there is only love & true love between man and woman. He listened to those words until his feelings changed. His heartbeat fast, his palms sweaty and love in his heart. But it was for a boy. He denied his feelings, shoved them down. Because people told him, you are not allowed to feel a certain way. … Continue reading A Poem (50)

A Poem (19) ~ There is no planet B

Why do we act like this? Like we don’t care. Care about our planet, about us, the future generation. There is no planet B. So why do we act like there is? There are people who think about what could be improved. But I am sorry, sorry to say. No time for thinking, time is for act. Can we do this together? Turn everything around. There should be no need, need for another plan. Save our earth, it is the best we can do. Together, together we can do this. It is not only a question for us. It is … Continue reading A Poem (19) ~ There is no planet B

A Poem (5)

He was sitting there, all by himself. Thinking about people; how selfish they are, always wondering how to change, how to split from the rest. Was there someone who cared? Who would care? But maybe that would be too late. He couldn’t hold on longer, thinking no one cared. But it wasn’t true. There was someone who deeply cared. But to the broken boy that was a stranger. He was selfish himself; there is always someone someone who cares. Continue reading A Poem (5)