A Poem (56)

It felt like falling, falling into black abyss with the unknown if there would be someone to catch him or crash to the ground. He denied his feelings for so long. But he couldn’t not anymore. After he watched his friend falling in love over and over again, getting his heart broken over and over again while right in front of him was the boy who would catch him. Every time. While all he wanted was to be caught himself, close from breaking. It was tearing him apart, now was the time to tell his friend that he was the … Continue reading A Poem (56)

A Poem (50)

He was not supposed to cry or that is what they told him. He was not supposed to show feeling or that is what they told him. He was not supposed to love that other boy. Growing up people around him told him there is only love & true love between man and woman. He listened to those words until his feelings changed. His heartbeat fast, his palms sweaty and love in his heart. But it was for a boy. He denied his feelings, shoved them down. Because people told him, you are not allowed to feel a certain way. … Continue reading A Poem (50)